Our system status page is located in an offsite location so that it can be accessed externally.

We suggest you add our system status page to your web browser favourites so that it can be easily accessed if our customer control panel is inaccessible. Click the 'Add to favourites' link on the status page to do this. If you are having a connection issue with your website or email please check the system status page before contacting customer support.

Click here to open System Status Page in a new window.


Joomla/Wordpress Websites

We are currently seeing further attempts from a large scale botnet targeting Joomla/Wordpress Administration areas. This attack has recently increased its hit rate and we have taken action to protect the targeted areas from these attacks. As a result of this you may now find you are prompted to pass a CAPTCHA check when attempting to login to your Wordpress / Joomla website. Information regarding this botnet was also recently published by the BBC and you can read that article at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-22152296

Please log in to your customer account if you want to report a problem.


You can also see System Status on our Facebook page