FlexBanner from Inch Hosting is fairly easy to set up but here is a basic guide to what you need to do.

This is a brief guide fuller instructions are available here.


  1. All sections need completing before the component will allow you to add a banner.
  2. Assuming you use standard banners you shouldn't need to use the Manage Sizes option. If your banner is a non-standard size you should use the Manage Sizes option to add your size.
  3. You should define a location using the Manage Location options. This just defines a location name. The location Name is what you will need to use with the module.
  4. Banner links can be added and managed from the Manage Links option. Similarly clients from the Manage Clients link and categories from the Manage Categories link.
  5. If you associate a Client with a Joomla user you can then use the front end display of statistics. Only that Joomla user will be able to see banner stats for that client's banners.
  6. Once these options are defined you can use the Manage Banners link to set up your banner. This draws together all the other information to define the banner, its image, its owning client, the link, the location and the size. Please note, every bit of information must be selected. It won't work if you miss any of these. It also allows you to define where and when the banner should appear. If you put more than one banner in a location the module will show them at random on each page refesh.
  7. If you use the Start Publish date you should set the banner to "Published: No". The component will set it to published when the start date is reached.
  8. If you want to give your customer the ability to view statistics from the front end you can link the banner to a Joomla user. If you then create a menu link to the component the customer can view the statistics for their banners.

Frontend Display of Component

In order to allow your customers to view their banner statistics, simply create a menu link to the component.


The module works like any other Joomla! module. The only thing to note is that you must choose the Location Name you defined above.

Note! Content Restriction must be on or off in both the component and the module. If you turn it on in the module but not in the component the banner won't display.

Support is available in the support forum.