Reviews of our Service

Here are some unsolicited reviews of our service as left for us on ( )


Subject: Inch - Great Support, fast & reliable
- by Dave Forrest of on 27 Aug 2009:

" I've had a domains on a big, cheap server farm with mediocre support. I was looking for good support from a real human being who knew what they were doing. I did my research and went with Inch Hosting about a year or so ago. I noticed an immediate speed increase in my sites, and best of all, the support has been phenomenal, going above and beyond the call of duties many times. I can hardly say enough good things about my experience at Inch. Especially recommended for Joomla webmasters, the Joomla support is phenomenal. "


Subject: InchHosting ethical, helpful, reliable
- by Robert Ephgrave of on 03 Jul 2009:

" The review is simple: InchHosting are helpful, reliable and knowledgable. They care. Takes the worry out of hosting.

I can't recommend them enough. Dealing with some companies is a nightmare, but InchHosting are a pleasure. "


Subject: Reliable, great value, the best choice!
- by Nathan Watts of on 09 Aug 2008:

" We have used Inch hosting for over 3 years now and have found them to be highly professional and totally reliable. Inch now provide hosting services for our own site as well as all of the sites that we develop for our clients.

In short; reliable, great value and the best choice for you and your business. "